OneTaste Audio: How I Learned About Love (from Orgasm)

Here’s the audio from a lecture I recently gave on what Orgasm taught me about love. Recorded at OneTaste NYC on 3/4/15.


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What’s in a container?

Practice containers like OM have been places where I have had some of most painful experiences of my entire life – and I am grateful at the work I did to cultivate those containers for when I did let go and allow myself to feel those things I knew that I could fully surrender into the experience. That’s freedom I lay at the feet of a very long history of deliberate container holding.… read more

Something New…

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Hey OM Hub. My name is Eli and I OM. For the last 6+ years, almost every day I OM. I put a finger on a clitoris and stroke it. For me. In a connected way. It has changed me in both relatable and unspeakable ways. I shared at an I OM meeting tonight that OM has helped me to open my heart in spots where I would normally withhold myself.… read more


On Thanksgiving I was with a bunch of my closest friends and we did that thing where everybody goes around and says what they’re grateful for. I thought about it as my turn approached and took a general accounting of my life. A few years ago, that mental “are my bases covered?” question would usually look like a rundown of a checklist including certain account balances, whether my car was clean, oil change recently done?, basically a bunch of regular, practical life concerns.… read more

The dumb layer


Ok this is going to be quick and dirty.

I just finished a session with a client who keeps getting trapped in front of men’s dumb layer. That’s what I called it today in our session right before I told her I was going to write a blog about it.

What is the dumb layer? It’s the foggy virus that takes over our psyches when a makeout is looming more

Improv and Venture Capital

In my life I have had the good fortune of being exposed to many great teachers and schools of thought. Two of the best lessons I’ve learned intersect at a fascinating juncture. They are improv acting and venture capital.

A few years ago, I was in an improv class with a brilliant teacher. She was teaching us about offers. In improv, an offer is simply the moment when you see an opening in a scene taking place that you could fit inside of.… read more

OneTaste Audio: 5 Things I’ve Learned from the Feminine

Here’s the audio from a lecture I recently gave on what I’ve learned from the feminine. Recorded at OneTaste SF on 7/9/14.


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Catch a Wave

Attempting to construct a “consistent sex life” based on our ideas of what we should have will always leave us unfulfilled even if we manage to get it.

The nutrient we are all looking for is naturally inconsistent.

The best we can truly hope for is to become a skillful surfer and learn to catch a wave.… read more

What did you see?

I saw that there is a fine film of love and having and gentle power in the world.

It has symbolic worth to the masculine though it’s frightening to him. Frightening because his rules aren’t built to understand the feminine. Many of the things it uses as daily tools for conquest, possession, separating things from each other into their utilitarian usable components don’t make a lot of sense in a feminine world.… read more

The thing that matters most


We men have been told a lot of things about what makes a good makeout, good sex, how to keep your partner interested, etc. Including but not limited to:
– A big cock
– The ability to stay hard
– Some crazy large variety of partners
– Score “perfect 10s”, Bro.
– Lasting forever (your cock is a divining rod meaning learn to listen to what it’s saying, don’t dictate to it).… read more