After spending five and a half years working for tech industry leader, Apple, I had the realization that while computers and humans both have buttons you can push though they function in very different ways. I decided it was time to learn more about the latter. Different perspectives and viewpoints around intimacy, orgasm, man/woman dynamics and so much more line my toolbox. I enjoy experimenting with life. I’ve gone into plenty of iffy situations and afterwards said “wow, that bit me in the ass”. Hasn’t slowed me down much. A lot of things have turned out quite nicely after an initial gluteal nibble. I’m hungry for experience. So much so that after completing the first OneTaste Coach Training Program and becoming a OneTaste Staff Coach I accepted the invitation to co-direct OneTaste’s Colorado presence. You know what they say, if a hand if worth playing it’s worth raising. I believe the possibilities are endless in play. With play, fights turn into hot sex and show stoppers become fire starters. Currently located in New York City as co-director and company sales manager.



I got skillz: Once drew a perfectly straight line down a piece of paper dividing it in half perfectly at science camp. It was pretty wild.

Odd job: Worked as a pool side waiter in college. They call me The Flamingo Kid…

Guilty pleasure: Bubble tea and home baked chocolate chip cookies.

When not teaching about female orgasm and creating community for all that comes with it, I enjoy…
traveling to see my favorite live music acts
playing pickup lacrosse
monkeying with Apple products
SMS flirting
practicing Zen
harvesting Thai young coconuts