Feminine Friend

Imagine for a moment that a pure being of beauty and love decided to incarnate on this earth. Maybe it worked very hard to do it and it took a mighty long time for it to make it all the way to a body. And imagine that maybe it has decided it will try being friends with you. So now that it’s here, how would you be with it?… read more

OneTaste Audio – New York Pre-Men’s Course Lecture 1.8.2016


Live from NYC pre-OneTaste Men’s Course.… read more

OneTaste Audio: San Diego Lecture 10.13.2015

Live from San Diego October 13th, 2015.


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Wedding Vows

A part of me rests with you in a way that Ive never felt before. I believe it’s because you trust nature and are as aligned with it as I know you to be. It means I can rest in the knowing that you’re answering to the deepest part of yourself that you can feel. I trust your connection to nature and your relationship with God.… read more

OneTaste Audio: How I got the Sex Life I Wanted

Live from London September 24th, 2015 before the Men’s Course that weekend. We had a blast.


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OneTaste Audio: A Man’s Guide to Speaking Woman

Here’s the audio from a lecture I recently gave before the Men’s Course on what Orgasm taught me about speaking the language of the feminine. Recorded at OneTaste NYC on 6/11/15.


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What is Power?


I was thinking today about this question – “What is power?” I know that on some level we all have the same potential to access it, and yet there does seem to be a difference in how different people relate to it, use it (are used by it, even) etc. Some people say things and they fall completely flat. Others people listen to and the universe arranges around their words completely effortlessly.… read more

OneTaste Audio: How I Learned About Love (from Orgasm)

Here’s the audio from a lecture I recently gave on what Orgasm taught me about love. Recorded at OneTaste NYC on 3/4/15.


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What’s in a container?

Practice containers like OM have been places where I have had some of most painful experiences of my entire life – and I am grateful at the work I did to cultivate those containers for when I did let go and allow myself to feel those things I knew that I could fully surrender into the experience. That’s freedom I lay at the feet of a very long history of deliberate container holding.… read more

Something New…

Originally posted on OMHub.us:



Hey OM Hub. My name is Eli and I OM. For the last 6+ years, almost every day I OM. I put a finger on a clitoris and stroke it. For me. In a connected way. It has changed me in both relatable and unspeakable ways. I shared at an I OM meeting tonight that OM has helped me to open my heart in spots where I would normally withhold myself.… read more