Chicken Heart



I knew it was coming but I hadn’t cried yet. My grandmother had died a couple days beforehand. I felt sad, but my heart was taking its own time. I was sitting with some friends and by chance we had ordered Jewish food to go including matzo ball soup. My grandmother was a consummate chef and Jewish cultural food polymath.… read more

The Breakers


One of the amazing benefits I’ve received from OM is that I know how to make it beyond the breakers.

As in, there’s the safe, dry beach with it’s calm lapping waters, the white foamy breakers, and then out beyond them the vast ocean. I have watched many men (and women, but for the moment I’m talking about the strokers) start to learn to stroke and soon after keel over from the compression of conscious incompetence in “the breakers”.… read more




I was the biggest skeptic you can imagine when I started coming to OneTaste events and learning about OM. I took literally every opportunity to poke holes in this whole limbic connection thing. In a big way I wanted this not to be true. Orgasm that is. In my head, I called bullshit on all this connection talk. I wanted to sock each person in the face each time they said they could feel me.… read more

Everything in it’s right place



A quick post I have to type out – We talk a lot in this work about the benefits of turning women on vs fixing (healing, reforming, the list goes on) them. Fixing being a derivative of the pervasive, disempowering broken-wing bird –> white knight complex I have found myself ensnared in a few times in my life. Learning how to turn women on has a distinctly different flavor than fixing though both can create resentment.… read more

Fifteen Minutes


I want to see if I can transmit something to you.

I OM train this couple. We had our second session tonight. In our first session I was the grinch who stole Christmas. Let me explain. They told me, straight faced, that they OM’d with a commerce component – she would suck his cock after OMing. I approved, and suggested that perhaps while this seemed like a good idea in the short term, the long-term benefits of cutting that out would be worth-while.… read more

Kingdom Come

Links are in bold.

It was the end of the night. I was sitting in my back row seat at TurnOn San Francisco. 50 courageous people had just played three intimacy games and the room was quietly buzzing as the very last person said the very last thing of the very last game of the night, which is ironically known as “Intimacies”.… read more

Become the symbol

We’re taught to purchase the symbols we want to embody.
What would happen if we did the work to embody them and saved our money?
I don’t want to just buy a Ferrari. I want to literally be raw power, sex appeal and finesse.
Then I’ll buy one.

I first learned about symbols and signs in the first OneTaste Coaching Program.… read more

If the shoe fits…

So I have a female house guest this week. First off, I should say this is no ordinary female house guest. This is a hot, smart, Turned-On Woman with big brown bedroom eyes and boundless energy. She is the kind of woman most of me would do almost anything to please, for whom in my previous lives I would put my own needs and petty preferences away in order to win her favor and have things “go smoothly”.… read more

Flower master

OK so before I start, I have an admission: I have the desire to engage with this conversation,  and while I have the capacity to think critically, I have no formal training in feminist thought. I have a slight fear of missing something important and running afoul of the brilliant, powerful women I’m about to comment on. In spite of that, I forge on:


As I scanned my morning Facebook feed this morning, another phenomenal article with an angle on women’s sexuality caught my eye.… read more

Want to be nice to yourself? Get a practice!

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I played college lacrosse.  One of the things I remember most about that time of my life, was going out every day for months and practicing during our season.  If I missed a few shots or ground balls in practice it was no big deal.  I’d be out again tomorrow and it would be different. I just noticed what had happened and kept on going.… read more